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The Team is Reading!

Woo hoo! It's official, the team at Inkshares is reading the manuscript of Henderson House and I can expect to receive my editorial letter three to four weeks.

"What the heck is an editorial letter?" you may be asking. Well, an editorial letter is a manuscript evaluation. It addresses bigger picture issues like the primary characters' story arcs, pacing, character development, and other elements of effective storytelling.

Based on the extent of the concerns in the editorial letter, we will know how much rewriting I have to do and can, hopefully, begin to think about a publication date. I'm so excited for this next phase in the process. One of the main reasons I wanted to work with Inkshares was to have a full editorial experience, learn about my areas of weakness, and become a better writer!

For those of you interested in reading the early draft chapters of book two, working title Sequoya Road. I have created a project page on Inkshares. SPOILER ALERT: If you didn't finish Henderson House while the draft was available online, the early chapters of Sequoya Road definitely contain spoilers so read at your own risk. As always, I'd love your feedback. Click here to check out Sequoya Road.

Many thanks for all your support on this journey. Feels like we're really moving now!

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