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Events, Reviews, & Book Groups

Hi everyone! I am still waiting for a release date from my publisher for Henderson House. Once I know when the book is coming out, I will keep everyone up to date on my Book Tour and post any great reviews here. If you'd like to get on my list of book groups, go ahead and reach out. Otherwise, stay tuned!

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Henderson House Launch Party


I'm sure hoping my big launch will be at my local independent bookstore in Vermont! I love Northshire Bookstore and it will be incredible to be there as a published author. I can't wait!

A Woman Writing at Home

Reviews from Beta Readers

December - March 2021

When my novel was entered in the Inkshares 2020 All Genre Contest, people were able to read an early draft. You can read some of their reviews on my Inkshares page. Click to Read More and then select the Reviews tab on my page.


Sign Up Your Book Group


Interested in reading Henderson House with your book group? I'd love to come to your discussion either live or online. Send me an email and let me know where you are and how many are in your group.

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