Caren Simpson McVicker

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Henderson House is not your typical boarding house. Mrs. Henderson’s sixth sense tells her when someone’s lying, falling ill, or falling in love. Long-time resident and self-proclaimed spinster, Bessie Blackwell, tingles, blushes, and stumbles when she meets new lodger Frank Davis. Bessie’s confidence grows as her budding romance with Frank begins to bloom. Bessie’s controlling sister, Florence, doesn’t want a school-girl crush getting in the way of her own plans. A dark family secret threatens to keep Bessie from the altar and certainly will if Florence plays her cards right. As the two sisters wrestle to accept the truth and forgive each other, Mrs. Henderson struggles to decide if it’s time to leave Oklahoma for good and sell her beloved home. Set against the history of Oolagah Indian Territory and the front porches and church suppers of Bartlesville, Oklahoma in 1941, Henderson House explores the power of family stories to define us, limit us, and ultimately inspire us.

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About Caren

Caren Simpson McVicker was born in Oklahoma and now lives in Vermont with her husband, a rescue dog, and a barn cat turned happy-house kitty. She has two sons in college, sings in her church choir, and performs in community theater whenever possible. Caren spent most of her career as a technical writer and social media consultant. She is an active member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association and won Inkshares 2020 All Genre Contest. Henderson House is her first novel.

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